OXO Video Game Museum and ONCE Foundation present the Ga11y corner

OXO Video Game Museum and ONCE Foundation have launched their new space. The Ga11y’s corner will allow to show all visitors the different tools and accessories that will allow people with disabilities to enjoy video games. in the same way as with traditional controllers.

The presentation ceremony was attended by Francisco López Aguadoregional director of Inserta Empleo in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla; Virginia CarcedoGeneral Secretary of Fundación ONCE and Inserta Empleo and Director of Transformation, Excellence and Equality of Fundación ONCE and Inserta Empleo. Javier RamosCEO of Kaiju Entertainment.

As the main objective of the space, the corner of the project ‘Ga11y, accessible video games’ is integrated into the environment of technological innovation within OXO Video Game Museum as one of the new forms of play.

We are proud to be able to work with OXO Museo del Videojuego and implement technology with accessibility within it with the Ga11y corner. Our goal, in addition to giving visibility, is to bring employment closer to young people with disabilities who visit the corner. To do this, two technicians from Inserta Empleo will come to this space on Tuesdays and Thursdays to inform them of the services offered, free of charge, by the labor intermediation entity of ONCE Foundation.

Francisco Aguado, regional director of Inserta Empleo in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla.

The world of videogames is not only entertainment; it is culture, fun and profession. We are delighted and grateful to the team of OXO Museo del Videojuego for all the work.

Virginia Carcedo, General Secretary of Fundación ONCE and Inserta Empleo and Director of Transformation, Excellence and Equality of Fundación ONCE.

The accessibility part is very important and what better way to do it than with Inserta Empleo-Fundación ONCE and the Ga11y Project. With small tools or items it helps a lot so that everyone can have the same fun. The space is permanent and will change and improve over time. We assume that all the tools that come out will have their space.

Javier Ramos, CEO of Kaiju Entertainment

With an eye on time, it is estimated that the space will be present at OXO Museo del Videojuego during two yearsThe company expects to extend this period and find new objectives to meet.

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Ga11y’, accessible video games

“Ga11y, accessible video games” is a project with which ONCE Foundation wants to promote, among this important economic and leisure sector, the inclusion of accessibility parameters so that everyone can enjoy video games.

As the core of the project, the web page which includes several sections such as news on the accessibility of video games, events, peripherals and a catalog with a search option that can be parameterized according to the profile and type of disability, as well as information on the possibilities of adaptation, both software (video games) and hardware (peripherals and consoles), offered by video games.

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The presence of Inserta Empleo in this space is part of the state programs FSE+ ‘Youth Employment’ and ‘Social Inclusion, child guarantee and fight against poverty’ being developed by ONCE Foundation through Inserta Empleo, with co-financing from the European Union to increase training and employment of people with disabilities.

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