Mac Studio is the first Apple computer with M1 to enable SSD upgrades

Apple computers with M1 processors launched in 2020 and so far do not offer many upgrade options. Aside from the Mac Pro, which is a tower-type desktop computer designed specifically to be modified and improved over time, all MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini models available for sale have processors, RAM, and built-in storage on the motherboard. . However, it seems that Apple is planning to upgrade certain components, the first step being with the new Mac Studio, which seems to offer the possibility to change the storage unit.

Mac Studio has two SSD slots

Now that Mac Studio is in the hands of users, some of them have begun to “dissect” the case of the small professional computer. It seems that Apple does not want them to access the inside of the box, hiding the screws under a rubber support attached to the case, but the disassembly process is not exactly complicated. Mac Studio seems to be a fairly modular computer when it comes to power supply and a few other components, despite the fact that you won’t find spare parts for sale too soon for it.

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Surprisingly, though, the Apple website clearly states that storage cannot be improved once the computer is set up and delivered, there is a physical storage unit that can be removed. Moreover, in addition to the slot in which the standard SSD is located, there is on the other side, another symmetrical port, which can accommodate another SSD of this kind. At first glance, it seems that the SSD used by Apple does not include onboard RAM, and the format of SSDs is not a standard one, such as M.2.


Apple also used proprietary SSDs for the latest upgraded MacBooks before 2016, and some companies were able to develop such unofficial solutions that users could install at home without paying. ” Apple charge ”for service and upgrade.

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Unfortunately, this is where Mac Studio’s upgrade possibilities come into play. The RAM is integrated directly on the M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors, and the processors themselves are glued to the motherboard. However, until SSDs appear that you can install in Mac Studio, external storage solutions, such as those on Thunderbolt, will probably be the best option. That, of course, for those in need.

Apple allows the configuration of the Mac Mini with up to 8 TB of storage, but its prices are at least prohibitive. Upgrading to the standard 512 GB SSD at 8 TB costs over 2,000 euros, which doubles the price of the basic configuration of the computer.

source: Max Tech

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