Loro is the new title in development at Certain Affinity – That’s Gaming

After a lot of speculation, developer Certain Affinity has finally confirmed that it is working on an original first-person shooter with the working title Loro.

Although the studio did not provide too many details about the game, CEO Max Hoberman stated that it presented the title to publishers behind closed doors during Gamescom.

Hoberman made the announcement about Project Loro via Twitter, stating that the game’s playable demo will “put a lot of smiles on people’s faces.”

Certain Affinity has worked on quite a few titles over the years since its founding in 2006. The studio’s most recent work was discovered through data mining in Halo Infinite, where players found data related to a battle royale mode for the game developed by the studio.

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It was also thought that the studio was working on an Xbox-exclusive title that would be heavily inspired by Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. However, since the studio has not really revealed details about Project Loro, it is unknown if this is the result of that project.

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