Blizzard’s Survival Game, Odyssey, may become multiplatform – That’s Gaming

Blizzard Entertainment announced last year that it was working on a new survival game, but details about it have been scarce since then. Recently, journalist Jez Corden revealed possible new information in the Xbox Two podcast.

According to Corden, the game will be called Odyssey, something he also previously reported. While he is not entirely sure about the title, he says he is “90% sure” it is not a codename. He also reiterates that the game will likely not be a graphically intensive game, but will instead use a stylized cartoony-art style similar to the Overwatch games.

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Corden also said that the game will likely be multiplatform, although he clarified that this is not based on anything he has heard specifically. He added that based on what he has seen, he expects the game to be well optimized and run well, even on the lower specs of the Xbox Series S.

As for the game’s announcement, that is still unclear. Corden says the game is “almost finished,” while previous reports have also suggested that the game has been in development for several years. So there is a chance that Blizzard is preparing for a full announcement in the near future.

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