Logitech Litra Beam Review – Ideal for streamers and videographers

Desk lamps come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking at lamps aimed at illuminating your livestream or video in the best possible way, you quickly end up with the standard ringlight anyway. Logitech thought, there’s another way, so they released the Logitech Litra Beam. This lamp in the shape of a long beam is very diverse and can therefore be used in many different ways.

Whereas a standard ringlight determines how the light falls, the Litra Beam can be set up to give you control. Especially if you choose to use two or three Litra Beam models. This is because you can place the Litra Beam horizontally, but thanks to multiple screw threads, you can also place it at an angle or vertically. In addition, the stand is also adjustable in height, allowing you to have light coming from all angles. This is incredibly useful when you want to illuminate a face from multiple angles.

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I’ve been able to use the Litra Beam for a while now and have actually had enough with one product, but I can definitely see the added value of a second Litra Beam. For recording videos and livestreams we make for IGN, I can conveniently place the Litra Beam horizontally above my screen, just above the camera. This ensures that my face is well lit.

In doing so, the Litra Beam has a number of settings that you can adjust to your liking. So you can set the lamp to very cold, white light, but also to warm, orange, light. Via the buttons on the back of the lamp, but also via the app on your computer, you can easily adjust these settings. I noticed that a slightly warmer glow suited me best. You can also adjust the brightness with the buttons on the back of the lamp, which is also possible with the app on your PC. It is also good to know that you connect the lamp via a USB port on your computer. You do not need a power outlet to use this lamp.

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So all in all, I am very satisfied with the Litra Beam, mainly because of all the options the lamp gives you. I can make light come from every possible angle and give exactly the heat I need at that moment. Now, most people won’t need this for their daily zoom calls, but I imagine if you’re serious about making videos, livestreaming or TikTok, you’ll be very happy with the addition of the Litra Beam to your setup.

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