Local police firearms team summoned to neutralize a Harry Potter fan -.

In a rather hilarious turn of events, local police in the village of Enderby, located just outside Leicester City, were called into action with their firearms team to deal with reports of a man with a large knife. Upon reaching the area where the report was made, however, it was quickly confirmed that the knife was actually a replica of a Harry Potter wand, and that the suspect in question was simply an avid fan.
To document the encounter, local police issued a statement in which they cooled concerns by confirming that there was no sign of Voldemort in the area either, thankfully, as that would have undoubtedly caused a stir.

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PC Ward stated: “I was present with several firearms officers this morning at a large hotel in Enderby, following a report of a man near the elevators with ‘a large knife’.

“After inquiring, we soon found out it was a Harry Potter fan with a wand.

“Fortunately, no harm was done to any residents and there was no sign of ‘Voldermort.'” & #10
Needless to say, the public took this foolish encounter and made numerous Wizarding World jokes about it, including saying “I bet the person who reported it Zwadderich away ” and ” I read it first in the Morning Prophet”.

Local police firearms team called in to neutralize a Harry Potter fan

Thanks, Sky News.

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