Like a mutant from a B-movie

Quelle: Universal Pictures, Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Universal Pictures, Toll Free Forwarding

Life on earth originated around 3.5 billion years ago. The development of humans in today’s Africa only began about 6 million years ago – and since then we’ve developed quite well, haven’t we?

The development of living beings always corresponds to what they need to survive. We know the example of the giraffe from school: Because the leaves of the treetops at the lower end were eaten by other animals, over time only the giraffes that got to the higher leaves survived. This is how the long neck of the animal evolved.

But how would the people of the future look compared to today’s standards?

The future is ugly

First of all: Mindy’s model is based on the behavior and characteristics of people today. A lot of milk will still flow along the Milky Way in 1,000 years and should therefore be treated with caution.

The American company Toll Free Forwarding, actually a telecommunications provider, had a 3D model created of a person in the year 3000, who has developed compared to our current standards.

To understand the impact of everyday technology on us, we gathered scientific research and expert opinion on the subject before collaborating with a 3D designer to create a future human whose body will change with constant use of smartphones, laptops and… other technical devices has physically changed.

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Curved spine and neck

Constantly looking at our cell phones puts strain on our necks and throws our spines out of balance. This means that the muscles in your neck and shoulders have to do extra work. The result: The neck becomes shorter and neck muscles largeralso called Tech Neck. Mindy definitely no longer has neck pain.

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Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

However, the hunched posture does not come from the smartphone alone. Sitting in front of a computer and staring at screens deforms the spine.

Therefore, make sure that you not only sit upright in front of your desk, but also get up regularly. Mindy will thank you.

Text claw and 90 degree elbow

Also owed to the mobile phone: The Text Claw. By gripping our cellphones, the fingers assume an unnatural, claw-like position. This puts strain on ligaments and joints, which in turn leads to carpal tunnel syndrome. Development has helped Mindy by giving her fingers that are naturally shaped like claws.

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Anyone who has been on the phone for a long time knows this: An unpleasant tingling sensation in your fingers. This is due to the ulnar nerve that stretches over the elbow. The same also happens when holding a cell phone. No longer a problem for Mindy because her Smartphone-Ellenbogen have grown at a 90 degree angle thanks to evolution.

Bigger skull and smaller brain

One word: smartphone radiation. Long time no heard, right? In order for Mindy to be able to protect herself from this, her ancestors developed a thicker skull. This began as early as childhood, because the bone layer in the heads of young people is less thick.

Our brains and bodies will also shrink. How come? Because the strongest no longer survive. Today we are less exposed to dangers, technology has simplified many things. Accordingly, humans no longer need a large brain to survive. Scientists call it that too Idiocracy-Theorienamed after the film of the same name.

The second pair of eyelids

Perhaps Mindy’s most irritating evolution is a second pair of eyelids. Can you imagine why? Screens are pretty bright, causing headaches, eye strain and even blindness. To prevent this from happening to Mindy, she has developed a natural filter that filters out blue light.

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Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

Quelle: Toll Free Forwarding

By the way, we also dealt with the topic. You can find out here how you can watch your eyes when gambling:

Why all that?

Of course, Toll Free Forwarding did not commission the study for fun. With this, the company wants to draw attention to our current behavior. We should act more thoughtfully, pay more attention to our health and environment. Mindy combines all negative characteristics in a diagonally evolved body.

Therefore, the following applies: Put down your cell phone and get up from your desk, so that humanity does not develop into a B-horror movie mutant.

2020 – The year we enslaved monkeys?

In the past there were some predictions regarding our evolution that fortunately didn’t come true. Would you like a few highlights?

  • Monkeys are being domesticated and cleaning our homes: In 1967, a newsletter called The Futurist shared in an article Women and the year 2000 that we will have bred intelligent monkeys to do the housework for us.
  • Roads are replaced by pneumatic tubes: Popular Mechanics announced in a 1957 article that roads will be replaced by a network of tubes in 2020. Well, we were almost there.
  • We own all helicopters: Oh, who needs tubes when you can fly? By the way, this prophecy came from the same magazine as that one pneumatic tubes in 1951.
  • We eat sweets made out of underpants: In the New York Times of an unknown year, author Waldemar Kaempffert claimed that cooking is a thing of the past. For recycling reasons, in the future, underwear would be turned into candy. I’ll get it.
  • We only have one toe left: The surgeon Dr. Richard Clement Lucas said during a lecture in 1911 that human toes will regress. After all, they are of no use. That would save us a lot of pain from door frames.

How do you think humans will develop? Will our future generations become Mindys? Maybe with just one toe? Question the crystal ball and let your thoughts wander in the comments.

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