Biohybrid robot walks using mouse muscles

Using mouse muscles, soft 3D printed scaffolding and wireless LED chips, a team of researchers has implemented a new design for a biohybrid robot that can walk on its own.

While it may not be as fast or dynamic as the Boston Dynamics robots, this is still the fastest moving biohybrid robot we have ever seen, even if it is a slow, creepy movement when you look at it.

Still, the cyborg mouse has managed to perform some impressive feats, including finding its way through a maze, moving objects and using simple tools. It doesn’t even have a built-in power.

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Although biohybrid robots are newer than traditional, mechanical ones, there are some interesting developments that could come from combining living parts with a machine. There is the potential for these biohybrids to reproduce, which will certainly fuel the fear of a robot invasion for anyone who has them.

Thanks, Inverse.

Biohybrid robot walks using mouse muscles

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