Dencun: the new update to improve Ethereum

The ETH developers are now focusing on Dencun. The next update of the network Ethereum includes several EIPsincluding the Proto-Danksharding which will allow to reduce the amount of transactions on the layers2.

After The Merge in the fall of 2022 and then Shapella last month, the development of the now proof-of-stake Ethereum protocol continues.

Last week, the developers of the Ethereum Foundation were meeting to discuss the next update of the network. Named Dencunthe hard fork should activate the Ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs) 4844, 6780, 1153 and 6475.

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ETH specialist Tim Beiko and his colleagues have returned to theEIP 4844considered as the main evolution brought by Dencun.

Also named Proto-dankshardingproposal 4844 introduces a new type of transaction, the blobs of the binary large objects designed to be used by Layer 2 solutions.

While not as large as The Merge, EIP-4844 is a significant change for Ethereum: it introduces a whole new data layer to the network, which the current consensus and execution layers must interact with,” Beiko explained earlier this month in a blog post.

The proposal thus aims to provide temporary data blobs on the ETH network, that the layer2 will be able to use to publish the transaction/evidence data they store in CallData today.

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This will result in significantly cheaper L2 transactions for users, as more than 90% of the current cost of L2 transactions is the storage of L1 data he said.

At the meeting, the ETH developers discussed the potential problems related to the proto-danksharding and its implementation on EL/CL clients.

The hard fork should also include theEIP 6780 allowing to modify the functionality of the opcode SELFDESTRUCT, theEIP 6475 which will introduce a new type of Simple Serialize (SSZ) and theEIP 1153 which will offer a transient storage on Ethereum.

Whileno precise date has not yet been announced for Dencun, also called CancunThe developers hope to deploy by the end of the year. Historically, updates on Ethereum have often experienced delays.

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