Lidl brings two useful remote control devices for the holidays

Retail chain Lidl has already started offering holiday products, and those who want to prepare early have even more options available next week.

Two useful remote control devices will be available to buy at Lidl from Monday 14 November this festive season.

A light installation, branded Livarno Home, will be available for 80 lei. The device can play eight lighting effects, with variable intensity. The fixture can be used indoors or outdoors, as it offers moderate resistance to dirt and water (IP44 certification). The device includes 580 LEDs and can be controlled and customised from the dedicated remote control.

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Livarno Home installation that will be available at Lidl.

For those who want to turn off the installation outside without going out in the cold, the remote control socket that Lidl will sell may be useful. The set, branded Silvercrest, includes two units and will cost 75 lei. The sockets are IP 44 certified and support a maximum power of 3,680 W. The remote control has a range of 40 metres.

Both products will come with a 3-year warranty.

Holiday LED decorations and lights are also available in the current offer.


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