LG prepares ThinQ UP, a new range of home appliances to which you can install hardware and software upgrades

LG Electronics announces the global availability of the new ThinQ UP range of home appliances, including upgradable refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

Connected to the internet, LG ThinQ UP appliances will be able to receive firmware updates that enhance the user experience and even acquire new features, installed using the smartphone app. For example, you’ll be able to install new washing programmes optimised for certain types of laundry, or try out recipes that come with optimised baking programmes.

Built with a modular design, ThinQ UP appliances can be purchased at a level that fits your budget, deciding later whether to access the features of more advanced models by purchasing the hardware needed to upgrade.

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Built around the customer-centric philosophy of “evolving with you”, LG ThinQ UP devices can incorporate new capabilities added at any time during the lifetime of the device. To this end, LG will regularly provide software upgrades and announce new easy-to-install hardware upgrades developed using ThinQ UP customer usage suggestions.

One of the unique downloadable features in 2023 is Laundry Saver Mode, a feature that prevents laundry from wrinkling by continuing to intermittently spin the drum after the wash program has ended. However, the line between real innovation and marketing strategy is a bit blurred, as the functionality offered by Laundry Saver Mode may be found under other names and in some competing products, integrated with certain factory-supplied laundry programs.

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This time added to ThinQ UP refrigerators, another innovation is improved night-time brightness control. Added via a downloadable update with the smartphone app, the new feature dims the interior lighting of the fridges to avoid “blinding” consumers when they open the door in the middle of the night.

LG Electronics will ship the LG ThinQ UP range of home appliances starting in March 2023, first to consumers in the United States. Availability for the European market will be confirmed during 2023.

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