LG Artcool Gallery: an air conditioner with LCD display for displaying images

Air conditioners have never been aesthetically pleasing. They don’t really match any other piece of furniture, nor can they be easily hidden, so as not to detract from their efficiency. There have been efforts over the years to disguise them with various ornamental housings, but LG now seems to have found a solution that could be a winner: disguising the air conditioner as a digital painting in the LG Artcool Gallery series.

LG Artcool Gallery combines the useful with the pleasant

Basically, this air conditioner has an interior module that is equipped with a 27″ LCD screen. The LG Artcool Gallery has a simple, square-shaped design that can accommodate users’ favourite photos. You can put a famous painting there, decorate the display with personal photos or even take a photo of the wall to try and hide the air conditioner completely. Photos can be changed manually whenever you want via the ThinQ app on your mobile.

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Of course, LG offers a selection of built-in photos and pictures, as it does on its TVs, so you can choose from there when you’re uninspired.

The air conditioner uses a dual-inverter compressor, which allows for noise reduction in use and integrates a three-way ventilation path so it doesn’t send cold air directly at people in the room, These slots are positioned on the sides of the unit.

LG will reveal more details about the Artcool Gallery at CES 2023, where we expect to learn about its availability and price. Given that it’s part of a premium range with a focus on design, we don’t expect it to be a cheap product.

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