LEC Winter Season: Week 1 Results and Roundup – League of Legends

Now that the LEC is back in full swing, we decided to keep an eye on this year’s season by compiling all the results and giving you a weekly recap of what took place within each of the games. While you can expect a weekly update showing what happened during each round of play, let’s start by focusing on Week 1.

Day 1:

XL v G2 (G2 win)

XL: K’Sante; Wukong; Syndra; Varus; Jhin

G2: Jax; Graves; Marleen; Ashe; Heimerdinger

Yike’s debut was a consistently aggressive and confident performance. Overaggressive at times, a great carry performance led to heavy advantages for G2 in the bot lane. As a team, G2 seemed to coordinate well and Mikyx was an outlier with some crazy and irritating roving on Heimerdinger throughout the game.

KOI vs BDS (KOI win)

KOI: Renekton; Sejuani; Rye; Ezreal; Ashe

BDS: Olaf; Vi; Azir; Jhin; Heimerdinger

Malrang remains Malrang, ganking for first blood on Sejuani. KOI pulled slightly ahead in the early stages but BDS managed not to fall too far behind. In the middle of the game, the gap in macro understanding became evident and KOI extended their lead. BDS was able to gain the lead in an early fight around Dragon, but after the next Dragon fight, KOI was able to break BDS and take both the goal and Baron. After a few more skirmishes, KOI was able to use their lead to force another fight around Baron, leading to a Dragon Soul point and BDS’ eventual loss.

AST vs TH (TH win)

AST: Fiora; Viego; Rye; Xayah; Ashe

TH: K’Sante; Vi; Cassiopeia; Varus; Karma

113 came to take names and killed “First Blood King” Jankos for first blood on his debut. 113 continued to look good throughout the early game, but was often overaggressive leading to errors. Both top laners were standouts for their respective teams and had some good back and forth. Kobbe and Jeonghoon put on a great performance bot during the laning phase, but when TH came to life in the middle game and Ruby was unlocked in team fights, AST couldn’t keep up.

MAD vs SK (MAD win)

MAD: Renekton; Wukong; Marleen; Lucian; Nami

SK: K’Sante; Vi; Kassadin; Zeri; Yuumi

The start of the match went largely quiet and even to a team fight around the seventeen minute mark in which MAD showed good team fight coordination to get ahead and then good macro to cash in on this advantage. Not flawless, but a surprisingly controlled and clinical performance all around, especially from Carzzy and Hylissang led to MAD’s victory.

VIT vs FNC (VIT win)

VIT: Jax; Graves; Rye; Ezreal; Leona

FNC: Gragas; Kindred; Syndra; Varus; Rakan

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This was a painful match to be an FNC faithful. Bo claimed the head of the “King in the North” for his debut first blood in the LEC, but the early game was largely even with some back and forth skirmishes. The game broke open for FNC when they won a fight around Dragon and claimed Soul point, followed by another teamfight victory shortly thereafter around Baron, which they then took. FNC claimed Mountain Soul, but an ultimately disastrous team fight in which Bo slaughtered FNC and earned a triple kill allowed them to break FNC’s base, get back into the game and regroup for a final, game-ending push.

League of Legends

Day 2:

SK (0-1) vs BDS (0-1) (BDS wins)

SK: Knoes; Kindred; Sylas; Varus; Karma

BDS: Aatrox; Sejuani; Akali; Caitlyn; Dorsen

BDS showed great early gameplay, resulting in claiming first blood, but SK responded through the bot lane. BDS took unnecessary fights at times, leading to mistakes, but their sight control and card reading looked good. BDS was unable to cash in on the early lead in the middle, and SK came back into the game. A great Baron steal from Sheo and a teamfight win around Dragon that led to Mountain Soul gave BDS the momentum it needed to secure the win.

AST (0-1) vs MAD (1-0) (MAD win)

AST: K’Sante; Viego; Syndra; Ezreal; Bard

MAD: Fiora; Sejuani; Akali; Varus; Dorsen

The early game looked good for AST, as an early 113 gank removed Ghost from Chasy and enabled Finn to draw the solo kill first blood later. MAD pulled back control in the middle game, however, and did not let go of the reins from then on. Clinical team play led to a quick and quite dominant victory.

XL (0-1) vs KOI (1-0) (KOI win)

XL: Renekton; Vi; Ahri; Lucian; Nami

KOI: Aatrox; Maokai; Kassadin; Kalista; Soraka

Comp and Trymbi took control of the bot lane, while Odoamne took control of the top lane, with everyone consistently outclassing their opponent and being quite fed by the time the laning phase was over. A team fight around Baron led to a disastrous misplay by Odoamne, allowing KOI XL to ace and break the game open. Video stole Baron later in the game to keep XL’s hopes alive, and they were able to defeat KOI shortly thereafter. A third and final battle around Baron resulted in a teamfight victory for KOI, allowing them to end the game.

VIT (1-0) against TH (1-0) (VIT win)

VIT: Jax; Sejuani; Azir; Zeri; Braum

TH: K’Sante; Wukong; Kassadin; Kalista; Nautilus

A mid gank from both junglers early on resulted in first blood for Bo but two kills went the way of TH. An early fight around Dragon resulted in three kills to one in favor of VIT, from which they were able to claim the objective, although Evi solokill Photon was doing when this fight took place. A mid-game back and forth skirmish resulted in TH acing VIT, although this was quickly answered when VIT aced TH around Dragon, with TH still managing to claim it. A fight around Baron led to a four-for-one in favor of VIT, who took Baron and used the pressure to bring the game to a close.

FNC (0-1) vs G2 (1-0) (G2 win)

FNC: K’Sante; Sejuani; azir; Zeri; Yuumi

G2: Jax; Viego; Akali; Draven; Nautilus

An early gank-bot from Yike led to first blood being claimed by Hans Sama and three kills for G2 overall. From that point on, Hans Sama’s lead could not be contained by FNC and an overwhelming lead was built midway through the match. A fight around Baron resulting in an ace for G2 was the nail in the coffin as G2 dismantled FNC.

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League of Legends

Day 3:

TH (1-1) vs SK (0-2) (SK win)

TH: K’Sante; Maokai; Azir; Varus; Lulu

SK: Camille; Sejuani; Sylas; Zeri; Renata Glasc

Evi and Jankos claimed early advantages for TH, but Exakick and Doss equalized with early advantages in the bot lane. A Baron rush led to the goal claimed in TH’s favor, but SK responded by knocking down three members of TH to limit the advantage. A later Baron in favor of SK had a similar outcome, with TH taking down two of SK’s squad. SK called TH’s bluff in the late game, resulting in a poor fight for TH that gave SK the pressure it needed to win.

BDS (1-1) vs XL (0-2) (XL win) Game of the Week

BDS: Darius; Sejuani; Akali; Caitlyn; Lux

XL: Jax; Maokai; Twisted Destiny; Varus; Karma

BDS’ bot lane claimed an early first blood, but a gank from Xerxe quickly helped level the laning phase. Adam later solo killed Odoamne in the top lane, and BDS entered the middle lane with a lead they could not effectively exploit. A late Dragon fight went in favor of BDS, but XL claimed the Hextech Soul. BDS struck back by winning a team fight around Baron and claiming it. Later in the game, the Hextech Soul proved invaluable, as XL’s increased poke damage almost completely kept BDS away from the Elder Dragon, which they were able to claim. An extremely clutch base defense from Crownie kept BDS in the game, but a late-game Baron take from XL was the drop that broke BDS’ back. The extra track pressure allowed them to settle around Elder Drake and claim it uncontested for the second time, leading to a final push for victory.

G2 (2-0) vs AST (0-2) (G2 win)

G2: Karma; Kindred; Zac; Varus; Ashe

AST: Aatrox; Sejuani; Sylas; Caitlyn; Lux

A team fight towards the end of the laning phase catapulted G2 into the lead with some ridiculous outplays, and this turned into an exemplary showcase of macro pressure in the middle game. G2 claimed Dragon Soul point using this pressure and later forced AST’s hand in a fight around Baron. G2 aced AST and claimed the goal, moved to the Dragon and claimed Ocean Soul before the game ended.

KOI (2-0) vs FNC (0-2) (FNC win)

KOI: Jax; Sejuani; Rye; Jhin; Rakan

FNC: Gragas; Maokai; Jayce; Sivir; Ashe

Both junglers ganked bot early, resulting in both supports dying. An early wandering top by Trymbi led to Wunder’s death and he was systematically kept out of the game by KOI with repeated wandering and ganks. In the middle game, FNC found routes back with a won fight around the bot tier one tower, giving them the pressure needed to claim the second Rift Herald. Some great ultimates from Wunder throughout the game led to FNC winning team battles they shouldn’t have been able to, and eventually the gold lead reversed. A late team fight around Dragon resulted in a triple kill for Rekkles and FNC claimed the Mountain Soul, followed it up shortly thereafter with Baron and used this pace to end the game.

MAD (2-0) vs VIT (2-0) (VIT win)

MAD: Knoes; Wukong; Marleen; Lucian; Lulu

VIT: K’Sante; Vi; Azir; Ezreal; Nami

MAD looked considerably less controlled at the beginning of the match than their previous performances, and some bad calls allowed Perkz and Bo to come forward. An early team fight resulted in four kills to two in VIT’s favor. From this point on, VIT won team fights throughout the game, eventually claimed Baron and ended the game with relative ease.

League of Legends


  • G2 (3-0)
  • VIT (3-0)
  • Koi (2-1)
  • MAD (2-1)
  • FNC (1-2)
  • DO (1-2)
  • XL (1-2)
  • BDS (1-2)
  • SK(1-2)
  • AST (0-3)

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