Law changes for all drivers in Romania, in 2022: the change that saves you from terrible stress

In the case of a road accident without victims, the biggest source of stress for drivers in Romania is related to the completion of the amicable finding document. It also involves a drawing that too few drivers are good at, and from this fall it will no longer be necessary.

You will still be able to complete that paper, but many will take advantage of the new provision defined by the Financial Supervisory Authority, a detail that translates into the ability to complete it digitally on the Internet. The decision with the status of law, which targets all drivers in Romania, was recently adopted by ASF officials. Finally, it will adapt the RCA legislation to 2022 by introducing the possibility of concluding the “Amicable finding of accident” form in electronic format.

What happens to the electronic finding form at RCA

According to the data made public by ASF officials, the electronic form will be as similar as possible to the paper one, the information you can fill in is the same and, last but not least, it will have the same legal value. According to the new regulations, “in case of completing the form of amicable finding of accident in electronic format, the completed data and handwritten signatures of the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the accident are taken over by the device on which the form is completed.”

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The technical basis will be developed by the Romanian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (BAAR), together with the insurance companies that issue RCA on the Romanian territory, from what can be deduced from the ASF communiqué. „RCA and BAAR insurers develop and manage technical solutions and mutually agree the procedure for notifying the damage through the form of amicable finding of accident in electronic format, in compliance with the legal provisions on managing operational risks generated by computer systems used by authorized / approved / registered entities , regulated and / or supervised by the FSA ”.

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Because the new electronic form is a legislative novelty, it is important to note that insurers will have the obligation, at the time of concluding the MTPL insurance, to make available to customers the paper “Amicable finding of accident” on paper and provide the technical details necessary to complete in electronic format. Finally, the new electronic form will take effect on October 15, 2022.

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