The era of broken McDonald’s ice cream machines could soon be over -.

When you pull up to the drive-thru at McDonald’s, it can be incredibly pointless to even ask for ice cream because 99% of the time the response you get back from that cold, monotone voice on the other end of the line is “sorry, ice cream machine broken.”

However, a company called iFixit wants to change this cruel fate of all ice machines. In a new YouTube video, iFixit bought the same ice cream machine that McDonald’s uses, and discovered that it was full of random error machines that were difficult to fix even from the manual. The solution is to create a product that can read error codes from ice cream machines and help fix them. A company called Kytch already tried this, but McDonald’s shut it down.

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McDonald’s actually has a deal with the company Taylor, which makes the machines. Parts and solutions come only from Taylor, and so McDonald’s does not allow anyone else to try to fix its broken machines. The plan for iFixit is to hopefully get an exception to the copyright McDonald’s has so it can fix the machines, something it has done in the past for phones, Xbox consoles and even tractors. We probably won’t see fixed ice cream machines around the world anytime soon, but the dream is still alive.

The era of broken McDonald's ice cream machines could soon be over

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