Lancia to unveil all-electric concept car in two weeks –

Lancia was once an iconic car brand, thanks to its huge place in motorsports in the last decades of the 20th century, but the car company has since fallen out of favor. Although it does not look like Lancia is looking to regain its title at the top of the rallying world, the car company has announced that in two weeks it will show off its next car properly: the Lancia Concept.

While Lancia is currently keeping information about the car close to its chest, we are told in a press release that the car will be all-electric and will resemble the “evolution of the Lancia Pu + Ra Zero.” and that it is “is the brand manifesto for the next decade.” as Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano puts it.

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We are told that the car features an innovative circular roof, round taillights and a few other design cues that each seem to be inspired by its iconic cars from the 1970s.

As for when we will get to see the Lancia Concept, the car company is holding an event on April 15, where it will show the car for the first time.

Lancia to unveil all-electric concept car in two weeks

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