Kurt Cobain’s headphones have sold for a whopping $70,000 -.

How much is a name worth? Well, a lot, apparently, because Kurt Cobain’s headphones have sold for $70,000. These Realistic Nova 40 headphones are not top of the line these days, but they were once known for their audio-suppression capabilities.

They were also the choice of the legendary Kurt Cobain. His own pair of Nova 40s were recently purchased by collector Felix Zimmerman. They did not go up for auction, as is usually the case with these items, but instead it seems a private deal was struck between Zimmerman and the family.

Obviously, the fact that Cobain used these headphones raises the price, but it’s interesting to see how cheaply they sell on eBay. If you’re looking for retro headphones with a little trivia attached, at least you don’t have to spend $70,000.

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Thanks, Audioviser.

Kurt Cobain's headphones sold for a whopping $70,000

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