Kremlin calls it “stupid” and “absurd” to hold Russia responsible for Nord Stream leaks

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The Kremlin said Wednesday that pointing to Russia as responsible for leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipeline is “stupid” and “absurd” and argued that Moscow suffers losses because of this incident, amid speculation about possible sabotage.

“Both lines of Nord Stream are full of gas and all systems are ready for pumping. This gas is very expensive,” Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained, Russian news agency Interfax reported. “This gas costs a lot of money and now it is escaping into the air,” he lamented.

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However, he has declined to comment on the causes and has asked to “wait” until “it can be determined whether there was an explosion or not.” Peskov also recalled that U.S. President Joe Biden said in February that he could “put an end to Nord Stream 2”, although he stressed that he “does not know what he meant”.

“Are we interested in this? No, we are not interested. We have lost gas supply routes to Europe. Is Europe interested in this, in particular the locomotive of the European economy, Germany? No, they are also in a very difficult situation. In fact, they are paying a very high price for short-sighted decisions, and I mean angry sanctions,” Peskov has argued.

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Therefore, he has pointed out that the current situation “requires dialogue” and a “rapid interaction between all parties to determine as soon as possible what has happened, assess the damage and predict actions to correct this situation.” “So far we have seen a total deficit in this dialogue,” he concluded.

Earlier on Tuesday, Denmark, Poland, the United States and Norway expressed suspicions that the pipeline leaks were the result of acts of sabotage. Seismologists in Sweden have gone further and confirmed explosions in the area hours before the leaks were confirmed.

Nord Stream operator Nord Stream AG said Tuesday that damage to three of the pipelines late Monday was “unprecedented” following a gas leak in one of the sections of Nord Stream 2 and a loss of pressure in Nord Stream 1, with no known causes at this time.

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