Kiss continues to perform live as digital avatars –

Artists don’t just retire anymore. Singers and actors seem to keep popping up forever thanks to de-aging technology as well as digital avatars. Speaking of the latter, as the members of Kiss look to hang up the physical touring portion of their careers, the band has unveiled digital avatar counterparts that will appear in concerts and act as the replacement for the physical band.

According to Engadget, the avatars, created in part by George Lucas’ SFX company, Industrial Light & Magic, made their debut at the end of a show held Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. It is said that these avatars are not only replicas of the band members, but are fantasy-based superheroes, whatever that means….

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There is no mention of when the avatars will begin touring, but this is not a new concept for the music industry to explore, as ABBA has also recently used avatars to keep their physical touring efforts alive.

Kiss continues to perform live as digital avatars

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