How, as a social media grump, I make use of the Twitter clone

I now use Threads without ever having seen the inside of Twitter. How come? (Image: Rafael Henrique –

Last Thursday the Twitter or

I dared to experiment myself and downloaded the app – without any Twitter nostalgia. I always thought it was too fast-paced and useless, but I’ve changed my mind.

Important: This is not an article for or against threads, but rather about why I use it and how I make use of it, which in turn can help you.

Max Schwind

Maxe’s relationship with social media was complicated. Who wants to read posts from one Dulli among many? That’s exactly what he doesn’t want and stayed away from for years.

Maxe is also an author and podcaster. If you create content, it won’t happen if you don’t promote it. That’s why social media is a way for him to bring his creative work to the people – but always with added value.

On his Insta account you can find writing and editing tips, quizzes about his books and storytelling tricks for aspiring word virtuosos who want to publish themselves.

Caught: I also have a Facebook account. I created it 14 years ago (well, do you feel old too?) because that’s just how it was done back then. I barely use it at all.

For years I didn’t care about social media. I don’t want to waste my time scrolling around looking for a quick distraction.

But suddenly I was a content creator and that changed everything.

Writing books in private is all well and good – but no one notices. If you want to gain a foothold as an author, you have to go into the hole called social media (and what I experienced there is enough for your own book).

For me, social media is a way to let readers participate in my creative process. And it is simply an advertising tool.

Which tool I use for writing (which also convinced my colleague Patrick Poti):

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Social media is powerful tools

It’s easy to complain about Instagram, TikTok and the like. They are equated with young people who only stare at screens.

But the fact is: If you create content, in whatever way, and want to reach someone with it, it has to take place on social media.

I have now put together a small, fine following on Instagram that is constantly growing. I achieved this primarily through one thing.

Added value.

That takes a hell of a lot of time. I need ideas, I have to make pictures and write texts. If I want to play the Insta game smartly, I have to invest time.

How does ChatGPT perform when writing books? I tried an absurd idea:

But why threads now?

Because, to put it bluntly, I can let my pants down on threads. I don’t have to pre-produce posts or create pictures and I still address my target group.

While on Instagram it’s a smooth, ideal world, on threads you can shoot a little sideways, like on Twitter. I just don’t want to go into this hole for good reasons.

The advantage for me: I also reach out to new people who became aware of me because of a cheeky saying about the book world or because of a meme – and they might then check out my content. Win win.

I would like to address my target group in a different way on threads.

I would like to address my target group in a different way on threads.

I use the medium to fire quick thoughts into the ether. Not about my breakfast, but about the topics that interest my target group. This way I add added value to my brand and content.

These are my tips

These apply to all networks and to posters and readers alike.

Curate algorithm: If you only want to see what you’re interested in, interact with posts you like and hide what you don’t like. At some point you will receive what really interests you.

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That’s why I cherish the algorithm on YouTube like my baby.

Use break reminder: Doom scrolling, i.e. endlessly combing through posts, is serious business and steals time. Be reminded when it’s over and use your time wisely. Threads has such a function built right in.

If you wish, Threads will remind you when it should end.

If you wish, Threads will remind you when it should end.

Be clear about who you want to address (and read yourself): Do you follow actors? Do you want to find readers? Are you on a platform because of memes? The more precisely you know what you want, the more accurate the algorithm is and everyone wins.

Have fun: With so many posts popping up on social media like this, it can be dizzying. Don’t use social media if you hate it, and if you want to reach people, use it in a way that’s good for you.


Yes, Threads is like Twitter, in look, execution and fast pace. Do you need threads?

No way.

But social media can also be an opportunity to find like-minded people, advertise your content or receive targeted content that interests you. Assuming “correct” use.

Anyone who longs for the good old days of Twitter could be happy with Threads. The only thing that separates the two: You can also post 18+ content on X.

Social media isn’t automatically bad if you adapt it to your needs and that goes for threads too.

I no longer allow myself to be used by streaming services. They have become what they promised to fight.

Social media quickly tempts people to complain about them. However, you can also use it to your own advantage, both as a consumer and as a content creator. Have you already downloaded threads? How do you generally feel about social media? Have you also bent them to your will? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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