Kingston Technology tops Supplier Channel SSD deliveries list in 2022 – That’s Gaming

Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, Inc, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, announced today that the company ended 2022 with the largest SSD market share in the channel. Although global demand for client SSDs has declined year-on-year, the elasticity and diversification of the end market have contributed to the demand for Kingston’s high quality SSD solutions. This is explained by the continued decline in the average selling price. In 2022, Kingston expanded its portfolio with its new NV2 client NVMe drive and revamped its award-winning Kingston FURY Renegade SSD with a heatsink option ideal for console and PC gamers.

Market share data from research firm TRENDFOCUS shows that Kingston is the leading SSD vendor in the channel with 24% market share and 22 million client SSDs shipped by 2022. In the third quarter alone, Kingston’s market share for client SSDs grew to a significant 28.4% in the channel. So that shows good upward unit growth despite continued macroeconomic challenges.

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Furthermore, the overall market for client SSD units fell 15% in 2022, according to TRENDFOCUS, a sharp turnaround after strong pandemic PC demand led to a successful 2021. The effect on PC demand was strong: It declined at a 13% annualized rate (notebook and desktop PCs). Although demand for client PCs fell, the strong interest from customers in solid-state drives was largely due to the sharp drop in module prices. Many of the PCs purchased during the early days of the pandemic will enter an upgrade or replacement cycle, further fueling demand for systems.

“In 2022, 75% of desktop PCs contained a single drive SSD. This percentage is expected to rise to 90% by the end of 2023, given Microsoft’s mandate to phase out HDDs as primary PC storage in the second half of this year, with only a small number of HDD-enabled systems shipped. This will continue to drive growth opportunities into 2024,” said Don Jeanette, vice president of TRENDFOCUS.

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“The 2022 survey results confirm Kingston’s presence and position in the channel SSD market,” said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD business manager at Kingston EMEA. “As the performance benefits of SSDs become accessible to more consumers worldwide, Kingston’s market share will continue to grow, especially as we expand our product portfolio with strong NVMe offerings and existing SATA solutions optimized for notebooks and desktop computers. We pride ourselves on offering renowned customer service, the highest quality products and rock-solid reliability. It takes a whole team to accomplish this feat and we thank and share our success with our partners, suppliers and customers.”

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