Kazakhstan suspends exports of its military products

Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Alijan Smailov on Saturday suspended exports of its military products for a year amid the war in Ukraine.

Smailov, at a meeting of the Commission on Defense Industry Affairs, have approved the proposal of the Ministry of Industry “to suspend the export of arms, military equipment and products for military purposes until the end of August 2023,” reads the government statement.

According to the missive, members of the Commission have supported this economic proposal. However, no further details have been provided as to the reason for such a measure.

The former Soviet republic, Russia’s neighbor and ally, has avoided taking sides in the Ukrainian conflict, while calling for peaceful resolution. Kazakh President Kasim Khomart Tokayev urged Moscow and Kiev to engage in dialogue to end the conflict, while offering his country as a mediator of the talks.

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“The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has nothing to do with Kazakhstan. We do not support either side. There can be no doubts in this respect,” Kazakh Deputy Defense Minister Sultan Kamaletdinov said, Tengrinews news portal reported.

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