Joel Santos officially appointed as new Minister of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic

The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, has officially appointed this Monday as new Minister of the Presidency, Joel Adrián Santos, who had been occupying the position on an interim basis since last July 11, reports the communiqué of the Government of the island.

Santos had been serving as Minister of the Presidency, in practice Prime Minister, after Lisandro Macarrulla resigned after his son, of the same name, was charged in a plot known as ‘Medusa case’.

Macarrulla announced his resignation two weeks ago now, alleging that the two years he had promised President Abinader as a term of office had expired, while telling that he had asked the Chamber of Accounts for an audit of the first period of his administration

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Lisandro José Macarrulla, son of the former Minister of the Presidency, is one of the 42 accused for his alleged participation in the ‘Medusa’ case, where the main implicated is the former Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez.

Macarrulla is being investigated for irregularities that would have been committed during construction of the Nueva Victoria penitentiary center, in Santo Domingo, during Rodriguez’s administration, through the family company MAC Construcciones.

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