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It’s happening at the pump and it’s unprecedented for Romanian drivers of petrol and diesel cars: the bad news


The rise in the price of gasoline and diesel in Romania does not seem to stop. It tends to be impossible to refuel at a reasonable cost, no matter how willing you are to compromise. The only chance that seems to exist is to get in the car and refuel in Hungary, at almost half price.

In every corner of Romania, standard gasoline has exceeded the psychological threshold of 8 lei. At the time of writing this article, in Bucharest, you can find two or two more Lukoil stations that offer you petrol at 8.03 lei. In Brașov, the minimum purchase value is 8.08 lei, while the maximum price is 8.24 lei, at OMV and MOL. No matter where you get your referrals, one thing is for sure. In the last 24 hours, 4 more money have been added to the price of standard gasoline.

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The price of fuel has doubled in Romania in the last two years

It is very likely that your salary has not doubled in the last two years. However, the price of petrol and diesel is double that of the same period in 2020. Moreover, rising fuel prices have led to an explosion in energy, food and more.

Returning to the short-term situation, however, the latest fuel prices have been fueled by the announcement by the President of the European Commission about the intention to ban the import of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia. The announcement was made two weeks ago and at the same time, most dealers increased the price of petrol by 33 bani / liter or about 4.3%, while diesel jumped up by 13 bani / l or 1.5%. .

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On the one hand, at the moment, Russian crude oil is one of the cheapest, well below the market average. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to do business with Russia, the general perception being that you are fueling the war machine against Ukraine. In order to check in real time the price of petrol or diesel at the fuel pumps near you, I recommend peco-online.ro.

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