ITP 2022: Rules and everything you need to know about regular technical inspection this year, what to do abroad

The Road Code stipulates that in order to be able to drive on public roads, vehicles registered in Romania must comply with certain technical conditions. Find out what’s new about ITP in 2022 and what those living abroad need to do.

These technical conditions are verified by the authorities at a time limit established by law regarding the periodic technical inspection. This is done depending on the age of the vehicle, and according to RAR, ITP can be performed both in the country and abroad. In the case of those living abroad, they will have to re-establish ITP when they return to the country.

According to GEO no. 81/2000, ITP must be done only in the case of cars registered in Romania, and not in the case of those registered in other countries. ITP is carried out so that the authorities can be sure that the cars circulating on the public roads in Romania are technically safe, without endangering the other participants in the traffic.

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This obligation must be complied with by the person appearing on the registration certificate of the motor vehicle. According to the legislation in force, in the case of cars for personal use, the ITP must be carried out within a period of two years. Exceptions to this rule are made by cars older than 12 years, in their case, the ITP is performed annually.

ITP 2022 Romania rules

What you need to know about ITP 2022

In the case of cars intended for passenger transport, they must be inspected regularly every six months. New cars must also undergo this inspection three years after registration. Every three years, the ITP of trailers, bee semi-trailers and caravans is carried out.

The three categories of defects that can be detected during the inspection are:

  • minor deficiencies that do not have a significant effect on vehicle safety – illegible documents, fluid leaks, etc .;
  • major deficiencies are those that are likely to compromise the safety of the vehicle – illegible license plate, forged engine code or series, damaged parking brake cable, difficult to operate steering systems, etc .;
  • hazardous deficiencies that pose a direct risk to road safety – excessively deformed or broken brake actuator, damaged parking brake cable, and more.
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If the car’s ITP expires, then its registration is automatically suspended. According to the Traffic Code, if a driver drives a car whose ITP has expired, he risks a fine for both the lack of ITP and driving while the registration is suspended.

The owner of a car registered abroad can do the ITP on the territory of our country and vice versa, being respected the laws in force of that country. The Romanian Auto Registry points out that those who do the ITP in another country in the case of cars registered in Romania, upon returning to the country, it must be performed again.

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