It was again this year the Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova – the land of colourful and hopeful stories [P]

Craiova was packed again this year for those who wanted to capture the magic of the Puppets Occupy Street Festival in Craiova. For eight days, tens of thousands of spectators followed the stories told by talented performers from over 20 countries.

Inspiringly chosen after two years of pandemonium and restrictions, the theme of this year’s edition was Carnivale. “We had a fairytale end to the summer in Craiova. With thousands of people on the streets, in search of childhood stories, with artists coming from all over the world and tourists discovering a beautiful city, full of intense events“, said Lia Olguța Vasilescu, mayor of Craiova.

Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova
Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova – 1

After a couple of rather grey years, we thought we needed some colour, magic and beautiful stories. We need to dream. I think this heals souls. The two years of pandemic have affected us all and especially the children. That’s why we thought it would be good to wipe the slate clean a bit during the eight days of our festival with a colourful and magical edition.“, said Geo Dinescu, director of the Colibri Theatre for Children and Youth, the institution that becomes, every time, the creative spirit’s yard of the most talented artists in the field.

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This time too it was a successful edition and achieved its goal – to bring lots of happiness to children and colourful events. We enjoyed seeing children and adults free in the neighbourhoods, without the fences of the pandemic, in the parks, on the pavement, we enjoyed meeting artists from home and abroad. Puppets Occupy Street is a festival where ideas are born, friendships are born, and the artists confessed that in very few places in the world have they encountered such an atmosphere as in Craiova.“, said Adriana Teodorescu, literary secretary of the Colibri Theatre in Craiova.

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Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova – 2

It was eight days of storytelling, eight full days, from morning till night. This festival does not belong to the Colibri Theatre in Craiova, but to the community“added Geo Dinescu.

And so it was… Craiova was the international capital of animated theatre, bringing together 200 private theatre companies and independent artists in more than 400 events held in 20 venues. Day after day, spectators of all ages took over Craiova’s central area, Nicolae Romanescu Park, the Botanical Garden and the city’s neighbourhoods. Giant puppet parades, interactive workshops, concerts, puppet shows, acrobats, fire games and many other events attracted tens of thousands of spectators to Craiova during 8 days of dreams, colour and optimism.

Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova 2
Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova – 3

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