It should be a revolution

The hype surrounding smart home devices such as vacuum cleaner robots, doorbells and colorful lights is getting bigger and bigger. The often helpful gadgets that can be controlled via app are extremely practical and make everyday life much more pleasant.

But not every idea for a smart device is a smart idea. Google has had to experience this first-hand many times. For example, Google Stadia, the streaming service for games, was recently razed to the ground:

Google Stadia is being discontinued today, you as those affected should know that

Well, after ten years, must too Google Glass believe in. In a short announcement, Google made it clear that the hardware is no longer available for purchase and that software support will be discontinued in around six months.

The hoped-for revolution did not materialize

Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition. (Bild: Google)

Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition. (Bild: Google)

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Anyone who had already dealt with technology a little in 2013 could not avoid Google Glass at the time. It was talked about everywhere and various questions arose: How practical is it in everyday life? How much will that distract me? Is privacy becoming an issue? After all, it has a built-in camera.

The many unanswered questions and probably also the fact that people seemed to stare into space absent-mindedly when they looked at the glasses ensured that Google Glass was not particularly well received.

A meme that shows how much fun was made of the Google Glass at the time.

A meme that shows how much fun was made of the Google Glass at the time.

In addition, there was the hefty price of $1,500, which should have finally deterred most interested parties.

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In 2017, the tech giant ditched Google Glass and closed it Glass Enterprise made. A business-to-business oriented product intended for factory workers and similar occupations. But even that should not be crowned with success. Now the project is completely buried.

However, Google intends to continue trying the smart glasses principle in the future. However, the focus will be more on augmented reality.

Would you have liked to try Google’s smart glasses? Have you ever had them on your nose? Do you think in the (perhaps far distant) future glasses will come standard with AR or something like that? And how much would you pay at most for glasses like this? Feel free to write it to us in the comments, we are looking forward to your opinion on the topic!

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