It is happening with all the highways in Romania, soon: all Romanian drivers will have something to gain, without knowing

The situation on the streets of Romania is extremely dangerous. The number of deaths caused by road accidents, as well as the unconsciousness of Romanian drivers, is increasing. Fortunately, at least when it comes to highway traffic, things could get better.

Traffic on Romanian highways will be closely monitored by an advanced monitoring and information system on traffic and traffic conditions. To this end, the Government has approved technical and economic indicators for a project aimed at modernizing the A1, A2, A3 and DN1 motorways. The investment is not negligible, but with significant benefits for saving the lives and time of drivers, was confirmed by the Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu.

Romanian highways, closer to the west

The new project for the introduction of a system for monitoring activities on the country’s highways will be installed in the following areas, A1 Motorway (Bucharest – Pitesti), A2 Motorway (Bucharest – Cernavoda), A3 Motorway (Bucharest – Ploiesti), DN 1 (Bucharest – Ploiesti). In view of its usefulness and integration into a larger cyber infrastructure, the elements of the new system will be integrated into a new Monitoring and Information Center within the Bucharest Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges.

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In terms of driver benefits, they have been listed in the Government’s draft as follows:

  • increase road safety by providing real-time information to road users,
  • increase the efficiency of road infrastructure management,
  • increase in transport capacity,
  • effective enforcement of road legislation,
  • increase the comfort of the road infrastructure user,
  • alignment with the requirements of European directives.
  • reducing the costs of managing the infrastructure network,
  • reduction of material damage resulting from road accidents,
  • fuel economy and reduced vehicle maintenance costs due to reduced travel time,
  • increasing population mobility,
  • rapid access to emergency response (Police, Ambulances, Emergency Situations Inspectorate),
  • reduction of pollution due to the decrease of time spent in traffic.
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Predictably, like any investment of the Romanian state, the amount behind this initiative is not negligible. We are talking about 112.82 million lei with VAT, the amount provided by POIM 2014 – 2020.

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