Israeli Army claims to have shot down a drone from Lebanon

The Israeli Army reported Monday that it has shot down a drone apparently sent by the Lebanese Shiite militia-party Hezbollah, after it crossed the common border, an event that has resulted in no casualties.

“It is likely that the drone belongs to the Hezbollah terrorist group,” the Israeli Armed Forces have stressed.

“The Armed Forces will continue to operate to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty,” the statement added, as reported by ‘The Times of Israel’.

The Israel Defense Forces explained in a statement that air control units tracked the drone “throughout the entire path” before shooting it down.

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Neither Hezbollah nor affiliated media outlets have issued a statement on the downing of the drone.

The incident has come some three weeks after the Israel Defense Forces shot down four drones launched by the terrorist group at an offshore gas field.

Israel and Lebanon are officially at war and do not maintain diplomatic relations. The land border has been the scene of tensions in recent months, partly due to the absence of an agreement for its demarcation, while both countries have initiated indirect contacts to delimit their maritime border.

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