Is there a link between beard size and sports cars? A new study has the answer

Men who drive expensive sports cars are said to choose such vehicles because they have small sex organs. A new study, by the Department of Experimental Psychology at University College London, has tried to find out whether the myth is true or not.

The research involved 200 men aged between 18 and 74.

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Researchers say there is apparently a link between penis size and cars driven by men. Meanwhile, those who think they have smaller-than-average sex organs tend to choose expensive sports cars.

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For the experiment, some participants were made to believe they had a smaller-than-average penis, and others a larger one, by providing false information about average sex organ size. Some were told that the average was 18 cm and others were told that it was 10 cm.

The men were then asked to give notes to machines.

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People over 30 who thought they weren’t very well off showed a preference, most of them, for powerful sports cars.

According to the same study, other factors that can negatively affect self-esteem (personal finances, health, etc.) do not increase men’s desire to own bolivans.

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The makers of the study note that manufacturers of powerful luxury cars will not want to acknowledge the link between penis size and their cars.

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