Is it mandatory to wear a mask on the bus today?

The Ministry of Health has published today, February 8, in BOE ( Official State Gazette), which amends the obligatory nature of the use of face masks in force during the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

See eliminates the compulsory use of face masks in means of transport in the whole of the Spanish territory. Likewise, the recommends the use self-regulating y responsible of facemasks to all at-risk individuals with any medical vulnerability or who present with symptoms compatible with SARS-CoV-2 infection when using public transportation.

According to the latest report published on January 5, 2023of the 52 Spanish provinces, 28 are located in outside of the alert levels, 19 at alert level one, the lowest, and five at alert level two. None of the provinces of the territory indicate a high alert level such as three or four. The Royal Decree 65/2023 at approved yesterday, day February 7in accordance with the indicators of the “COVID-19 surveillance and control strategy following the acute phase of the pandemic”.

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Where is it still mandatory?

However, it is maintained the mandatory of the use of mask in health care facilities (public and private), pharmacies, pharmacies, in the residences and in other social-health centersas these are areas where there may be a higher concentration of people in which the risk of transmission Is higher and the likelihood of severe disease is greater. Also locations where there may be greater number of people with respiratory infections infections.

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