Iran denounces Biden’s backing of protests as interference in country’s internal affairs

Iranian authorities have denounced that the support exhibited by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, to the protests against the death in custody of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini, is an interference against the internal affairs of the country.

“In recent days, the US administration and officials have desperately tried to inflame unrest in Iran with various excuses and in any possible way, and have supported unrest in our country and the creation of violence,” Foreign Spokesman Naser Kanaani said Sunday in comments carried by the semi-official Iranian news agency ISNA.

The spokesman stated that Biden “lacks trusted advisors” nor does he seem to have a “good memory” to remember that “Iran is too strong and firm to surrender to their cruel sanctions and senseless threats.”

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“Neither Biden’s statements nor American interventionism will ever surprise us, because intervention, aggression and murder are the true nature of the American regime, but we are a people with history and we are deeply rooted in it,” he added.

Biden on Friday urged Iran to end violence against its own citizens and has taken a stand with them and with the “brave Iranian women,” after which he has assured that women around the world are being persecuted with these actions.

“I was astonished by what was awakened in Iran” he assured, referring to the protests developed by the murder of Mahsa Amini. “I want to thank you for raising your voices. I want to thank the Persian community for being so clear (about their demands),” the US president said.

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“Women should be able to wear whatever they want in the name of God,” he said during a speech at Irvine Valley College in California.

Mobilizations over the death of young Mahsa Amini have left more than 200 dead in the country, according to the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights, while Tehran has accused the United States and other Western countries of stirring up the demonstrations.

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