iRacing and FIA join forces

The automotive sector is still booming, and it is that iRacing and the FIA have announced their new project. Formula 4 project, the iRacing FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour. The new series, which will come to iRacing later this year, adapts the FIA F4 format to iRacing’s member base, pitting them in weekly challenges, in limited time slots, and against the best open-wheel drivers in their region.

The series will be divided into four regions: two European regions, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. Each region will feature a varied selection of local and relevant circuits for its geography.. The races will take place on Wednesday and Thursday at 7.00 p.m., 9.00 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. in the time zones corresponding to each region, which will make it easier for users to test in their respective regions.

While all iRacers can participate in any region’s events, the servers will always be set up on the most appropriate iRacing server for each region; for example, Asia/Pacific region events will be held on iRacing’s Sydney servers.

It is great to see the partnership between the FIA and iRacing continue to develop. The iRacing FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour will bring virtual and real-world racing even closer together and encourage the global development of new talent through close competition, which is exactly what the Formula 4 championships are doing.

Nikolas Tombazis, FIA single-seater director.

The iRacing FIA FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour is an incredible step forward in our collaboration with the FIA around the Formula 4 platform. We have always shared the FIA’s vision of providing upcoming drivers with an accessible platform to learn the skills they need to excel in real-world motorsport. Bringing FIA Formula 4 to iRacing has been a successful starting point, and the creation of the iRacing FIA FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour divisions will bring the real and virtual worlds even closer together.

Tony Gardner, iRacing President

The FIA Formula 4 platform was announced in 2013 ahead of its 2014 debut, and has grown in popularity around the world. With a wide range of chassis and engine manufacturers, each F4 car is capped at 160 horsepower to ensure equal performance around the world. FIA-certified Formula 4 championships are currently held on four continents and have been established by FIA member organizations.

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The iRacing version of the FIA Formula 4 car benefits from the same level of analysis, detail, data and testing that members have come to expect, while the generic model allows for use by FIA member clubs worldwide without conflict with manufacturers.

iRacing offers multiple public series with FIA Formula 4 to its 200,000+ active users, with options for both custom configurations and fixed performance. Dozens of real FIA Formula 4 circuits are already available on iRacing, with more to be added in future releases.

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