iPhone, the most searched phone brand at HS in Romania. Over 6 million searches in September 2022

The iPhone is the most searched brand by Romanian smartphone users, at least in the second-hand device market, as OLX has published a study showing that no less than 805,340 new iPhone sale ads were published on the platform in September alone. It seems, however, that Romanians search for iPhones on OLX quite often, as 6,223,541 of the searches were for such devices alone.

Romanians are buying and selling a lot of iPhones at SH, according to the OLX platform

Data published by OLX shows that the iPhone 13 saw the biggest price drop during September, after the iPhone 14 models were officially announced. From an average price of 5,592 lei in September 2021, these models reached one of 4,984 lei, a 40% year-on-year drop. The iPhone 12, already on the market for two years, reached an average price of 2,484 lei, 34% lower than in 2021, and the iPhone 11 reached an average price of 1,747 lei, down 21%.

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It seems that as the models age, demand also decreases. While the iPhone 11 and 12 are no longer as sought after, last year’s iPhone 13 saw a 543% increase in demand and a 565% increase in supply in 2022.

Bucharest and Ilfov county residents recorded the highest iPhone 13 searches, with 143,729 of the total, with Iasi and Constanta being the 2nd and 3rd place cities in searches for this model.

“We note that the iPhone remains the most searched brand by Romanian smartphone users in September, preceded by the Samsung brand. In this context, iPhone smartphone prices of previous models have reached drastic price drops of up to 40.46%. The OLX users who search most for the iPhone brand on the platform are from the country’s major cities: Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj and Iasi.”said Cezar Cârligeanu, Head of Sales OLX Romania, Portugal and Bulgaria.

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iPhone 11 was searched on the platform 13,757 times, iPhone 13 Pro Max 12,478 times and iPhone 12 10,200 times. The Samsung brand was searched for 3,654 times, with the models most desired by OLX users being the Galaxy S22, S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra.

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