iPhone 15 Pro could come with a curvier design and a titanium bezel

So far, all the unofficial information about the iPhone 15 Pro smartphone lineup has hinted that they will finally adopt the USB-C port. Apple is taking this decision more to comply with EU legislation, but it seems to be preparing other surprises, including on the design side. After three years of flat design, the company is considering reintroducing curved lines on iPhones, but the new models will still resemble previous ones in some ways.

After three years of straight lines, iPhone 15 Pro could reintroduce a slightly curved shape

According to ShrimpApplePro, a popular Twitter leaker, Apple would keep the front flat and largely unchanged, along with straight edges, but would round off the edges leading to the back cover. This would make its phones more comfortable to use. Many users since the launch of the iPhone 12 have complained that the larger models are hard to hold, and for some it can even become painful because of the very straight edges.

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What’s more, the leaker says Apple might also upgrade the materials. Ever since the iPhone X, Pro models have been built with glossy stainless steel bezels. The iPhone 15 Pro could come with a titanium bezel, a much more durable material that they usually only use on the more expensive Apple Watch variants, like the new Ultra model.

Most likely though, these changes won’t come to “non-Pro” phones. For a few years now, but especially in 2022, the standard variants have been about a year behind in technology, with older generation screens and the top-end processor from the previous year’s Pro models.

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At the moment, this is the only source talking about the iPhone 15 Pro design. Previously, Ming-Chi Kuo, a business analyst, talked about only the Pro models getting improved transfer speeds via USB-C. Apple will keep the USB 2.0 speeds on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

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