iPhone 14 Pro Max, disassembled. What Apple’s new flagship with eSIM looks like

Apple will make its first iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments to end users starting September 16. Shoppers who rushed to grab a copy from the first stock secured for the pre-order campaign can see what the more expensive iPhone 14 model looks like, inside.

Disassembled by the experts at YouTube channel PBKreviews, the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks relatively easy to fix, at least for interventions that are limited to certain components prone to wear or premature failure, such as the battery, USB-C connector, or cameras. The “good” news for US buyers is that the SIM card slot is gone, eliminating a possible cause for costly repairs at Apple-authorized service centers. Its absence makes it even easier to repair, as components like the screen can be removed with fewer preparatory steps.

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In keeping with tradition, Apple isn’t giving up on the screws next to the power connector, even though it has since switched to USB-C format. Theoretically, screwing it in reduces the chances of damage. But if externally visible screws are so important, one can only wonder why no other smartphone manufacturer practices securing the casing with screws, possibly of a type that requires a specialized screwdriver.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Asymmetrically shaped, the 16.93Whr (4323mAh) battery makes room for the phone’s base plate, protected by a metal cover secured with screws. The cover must be removed to detach the battery connector. Fortunately, the adhesive used is no stronger than on Android phones, with the absence of anchors for “elegant” removal of the attachment points compensated for with a few drops of alcohol and gentle forcing from the side.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max

The camera module comes in one piece, meaning that any defects can be remedied by replacing the entire assembly, which is very costly if it occurs after the warranty period has expired.

In the end, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is downgraded for the degree of difficulty of the repairs, with the interventions requiring a lot of preparation time and care. On the other hand, replacement parts won’t be hard to find, if you’re willing to accept Apple’s required charges and the fact that they have to be “paired” with the phone’s software using means available only at authorized American company service shops.

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