iPhone 14 could be expensive, but only outside the US

iPhone 14 could be the first series in the last five years that brings a significant change in the design of Apple phones. Pro models are expected without a “notch”, which is replaced by two on-screen cutouts, which could accommodate Face ID sensors and the front camera. However, the new generation could come with a higher price, even if the changes in the hardware configuration could be minor. However, prices could only rise outside the United States.

Apple could raise prices for new iPhones

Raymond James analyst Chris Caso suggests that Apple will have to raise the prices of the phones it will launch in September, in order to keep a high level of revenues, after in the first three months, the company expects lower revenues by 8 billion dollars compared to the initial projections. This is because in the first months of the year, China went into lockdown several times, which affected the deliveries of components and production lines of the company, while the shipments of products from China were delayed:

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“Apple posted strong quarterly results in March, but comments suggested an expected weakening in June due to foreign exchange, a loss of income in Russia and the biggest impact on production problems in China, caused by of lockdowns. We expect an income of about $ 81 billion when we take these factors into account. Production issues should be temporary and occur during most of the year, during the lowest sales season, before the fall releases. We believe that these events will prepare the company for a good September, assuming that the situation in China is normalized. We believe, however, that foreign exchange and Russian problems will be more permanent, and now we are concerned that Apple will have to raise prices in local currencies when new products are launched in the fall, if the exchange rate does not it changes until then. When such things have happened in the past, rising local prices have had a negative effect on demand. In the end, an increase is expected for services, but with a slowdown from year to year, something we believe was anticipated by the company, but still a factor. “

Thus, although Apple could announce a similar price for the US, with iPhone 14 from $ 799 and iPhone 14 Pro from $ 999, the prices that are expressed in other currencies, including Euro, could be significantly higher than in previous years. . iPhone 13 “standard” starts at 899 euros, while iPhone 13 Pro comes at a price of 1,149 euros in the basic version.

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source: via Phone Arena

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