iPad Pros will finally get a feature in 2024 that might be worth upgrading for

An Apple iPad with an OLED screen would be a visible upgrade.

An Apple iPad with an OLED screen would be a visible upgrade.

An iPad with an OLED display is exactly what I want to see from Apple. Admittedly, that is only half the truth. Because in addition to a great screen on my beloved device, I long for an Apple tablet with the macOS operating system – but I’ve already said goodbye to this dream.

The iPad is easily one of my electronic devices that I use the most in everyday life.

Aside from sporadic play sessions and mobile work, I often use the 12.9-inch flounder for watching videos and movies.

An OLED screen would be more than ideal for all three purposes. And if we’re honest: Such a panel is long overdue considering the prices.

Apple: Again rumors about an iPad with OLED and M3 chip

It’s not the first time rumors about an iPad with an OLED screen have surfaced online.

Now tweeted the leaker Revegnus about the fact that Apple wants to use this screen technology for the Pro series in 2024.

Also: The new M3 chip should find its place in the case of the pros. For me personally, the M1 chip in my current iPad from 2021 will probably last for many more years.

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In addition to sporadic trips to Photoshop and Lightroom, I primarily use the tablet for working on the go.

For private purposes, I would personally benefit more from the OLED panel. All content that I consume – regardless of games, videos or films – the device would play with better colors, true black and a high degree of sharpness.

A gaming monitor recently proved that I am (surprisingly) enthusiastic about OLED apart from TVs and smartphones:

I thought I didn’t need an OLED monitor – now the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 has changed my mind

According to many rumours, an iPad with an OLED screen is expected as early as 2024.

According to many rumours, an iPad with an OLED screen is expected as early as 2024.

This news will be much more relevant for larger iPad enthusiasts. With the OLED panel and the M3 chip, Apple’s tablet could become one of the best tablets for video and photo editing.

As an aside, battery life should also benefit from the screen, which consumes less power with improved color accuracy and deeper blacks.

In addition to the 12.9-inch iPad, the 11-inch iPad Pro is also said to have the screen technology installed. Most recently, Apple only used an XDR display based on mini-LEDs for the large Pro model.

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According to the leaker, the iPad Mini 7 will still have an LCD display. As far as the standard series is concerned, the Twitter user Revegnus is missing information.

The price of an OLED iPad will (probably) put people off

As positive as I am about the idea of ​​an Apple tablet with an OLED panel, the price will quickly bring me down to earth.

Because the manufacturer from Cupertino is on the verge of tightening the prices for its devices – and not just since yesterday. There are already rumors about rising iPad prices, as well as for the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

And it wouldn’t surprise me.

So it will probably be similar to the monitor linked above: The iPad Pro from 2021 will be with me for years to come, until the time comes for an upgrade again.

There’s another tablet coming in the near future that I won’t buy, but it still piques my interest: the Google Pixel tablet. All information about the long-awaited tablet of the search engine giant can be found here:

In my opinion, an iPad with an OLED screen would be a visible upgrade. But what do you think of it? Do you own an iPad and are you satisfied with the Apple tablet so far? Would an OLED panel encourage you to buy it and would the presumably high price also deter you? Feel free to write it below in the comments!

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