TinyTap raises $8M to explore Web3 opportunities in education

TinyTapa platform for the creation of educational gamess owned by the Web giant3 Animoca Brandhas completed a 8.5 million financing round.

Founded in 2012 in Israel, TinyTap has built a no-code platform for families, teachers and students to create and play their own learning applications customized. Its library now includes over 250,000 educational games in 24 languages.

The conglomerate specialized in blockchain gaming Animoca Brand was acquiring the platform for $39 million in 2022. Since then, TinyTap has begun to dive into Web3.

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The EdTech startup has launched, among other things. PublisherNFT, a “new NFT co-publishing model” that offers teachers the opportunity to focus on content creation while “leveraging the Web3 community for funding and promotion.”

This Tuesday, TinyTap has announced that it has collected 8.5 million dollars from several large investors, including some from the Web3. Among them, we note the presence of Sequoia China, Shima Capital, Polygon, Liberty City VenturesKingsway Capital and GameFi Ventures.

Teachers and educators are among the most important content creators and contributors in society, yet their salaries don’t typically reflect their critical importance. That’s why we’re incredibly excited about the Web3 opportunities that TinyTap is exploring in the education space,” commented Yat Siu, the head of Animoca Brands.

The latest round of funding for TinyTap boosts its valuation to 100 million dollarsaccording to TheBlock.

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