iPad Pro 2024: Apple is reportedly doubling the storage

More storage and even more costs?  (Image: WCCFTech)

More storage and even more costs? (Image: WCCFTech)

Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade the iPad Pro series in 2024 with one or two notable innovations. In addition to the switch from Mini-LED to OLED technology, there are rumors that there will be a four terabyte storage option for the high-end tablets for the first time.

In terms of price, they may even compete with MacBooks Pro or at least be available in a similar price segment.

My iPad 4 Terabyte

Previously, the current iPad Pro models could be equipped with up to 2TB of storage, but at a considerable additional cost. According to insider information from X user Revegnus, the OLED version could now offer a 4TB storage option.

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Switching from 128GB in the latest models to 2TB of internal storage already means an additional charge of over 1,400 euros. It is therefore not surprising if Apple would charge even more money to double the maximum storage capacity.

If you also take into account the possibility of a cellular connection, the price could be almost on the same level as a MacBook Pro.

What will be in it?

The OLED iPad Pro models are expected to receive the same M3 chip as some Macs later this year, promising impressive performance and power efficiency

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However, it should be noted that Apple is still limiting what iPadOS can do, so a 4TB model may only be of interest to those who need a lot of storage and prefer a slimmer, lighter device than a portable Mac.

The iPad in a crisis of meaning? Here and there voices are raised that question the purpose of iPads and even tablets in general. This also applies to colleague Alana, who recently asked herself who tablets are good for:

How much storage does an iPad need, what do you think? Are you in the target group for a 4 terabyte iPad Pro? We would be very interested to know what you use your iPads for. Feel free to tell us in the comments below! And while you’re at it, tell us what you think of the OLED upgrade for the iPads. Are you looking forward to it? Share with you in the comments!

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