4 gadgets for gamers that bring more fun to everyday life

Is this another infomercial?grumbles the concerned reader. But no!, I answer. In the following list you can expect a selection of whimsical tech gadgets related to gaming that I have salvaged for you from the depths of the internet.

Note: Have I tested the adult toys below? Not yet. But what is not, as we know, can still come. Long preamble, short content: Here are four of the strangest tech slash gaming gadgets coming your way! Are you ready? One, two, three… here we go!

1. Stackable LED Lamps im Tetris-Look

This and similar products are available from various suppliers – the key term is often left out. Then about from Exciting brick game the speech, or of magic blocks; what is meant is always the gaming classic Tetris.

You already know: Often different colored, often different sizes, but always consisting of four squares components that tumble down a shaft – and want to be interlocked by the players.

Stack deep first?  Not with self-illuminating Tetris decoration parts!

Stack deep first? Not with self-illuminating Tetris decoration parts!

How does Real Life Tetris work? This decorative item – we will generously christen it with the term Gadget – teaches the classic Tetris to glow. In other words: you stack the colorful tetrominoes (that’s what the Tetris building blocks are called in technical jargon) on top of each other. And as soon as the individual blocks are placed on top of each other, the big glow starts. Ergo: The Tetris tower starts to glow LED-wise.

Before I continue in the text, allow me a polite product reference (in RGB optics). If you are not interested in such things, please read the following information on the quiet.

Who is the product aimed at? So if you want to stand out from the same LED walls of YouTubers, influencers and content clowns of all stripes, you should risk a click for the real-life Tetris blocks. And also for people who want to shout out to their viewers (or just their visitor) in Tetris form I identify with the nerd culture!the Tetris pieces glow decoratively.

Such a Tetris tower was presented in detail on the YouTube channel Futurespace Collective.

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Why do I want stackable Tetris LEDs? For someone who already clutters up their desk with a brightly lit Central Perk coffee shop and a matching Friends string of lights, a lit Tetris tower would make a wonderful addition. I’d buy it.

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2. Sega Astro City Mini

What’s not to like about classic gaming devices in mini format: the Super Nintendo, the Sony Playstation, the Sega Mega Drive, and, and, and…. And now complete that Astro City Mini the list. Moment! Astro City what the hell? Yes, what sounds like the birthplace of Captain Future is actually Sega’s miniature slot machine.

Small, smaller... Sega Astro City Mini?  What used to be in arcades now fits in your pocket.

Small, smaller… Sega Astro City Mini? What used to be in arcades now fits in your pocket.

From the arcade to the palm of your hand: The original version of the Astro City was man-high and was found in arcades in the 1990s. Who’s frowning now: Yes, even as a child of the 90s it’s unlikely that you’ve been jerking around the Astro City’s joystick. Because: In the western world, the Astro City machine was less common – but all the more common in the eastern hemisphere.

A quick note: If you don’t play in pocket format, but in divine XXL dimensions, the following PS5 bundle could be an alternative to the Astro City Mini.

what can i play The cute mini slot machine contains 37 games from Sega’s arcade era. So you can get your hands on arcadian cult titles from the 80s and 90s; these include: Virtua Fighter, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Alien Storm or Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair.

If your retro muscles were tickled, you can only say: colleague Kai Schmidt from GamePro has approached the Sega Astro City in a detailed practical test! Check out Kai’s review to find out which gaming cube meets your expectations.

Why do I want Sega Astro City Mini? As someone in their teens, the two arcade titles Metal Slug and The Lost World: Jurassic Park (also Sega) could appreciate, the fist-sized arcade console represents an attractive incentive to buy. However, only if the mini screen can also be reasonably transferred to a widescreen television.

3. Envavo Heatbuff

Now that spring is slowly making its way to our climes, cold hands are less common. But in the winter months, cold paws were not uncommon. The only thing that helps is hot H₂O from the tap, a round of rubbing your palms against each other – or: that Envavo Heatbuff. The device warms your paws while you sit at the keyboard.

I’m sorry, what? Another hand warmer? was my first thought. And my second: I would really like to have such a hand warmer! Well, the challenge of keeping two conflicting thoughts in mind.

Bring on the heat!! is what this tech gimmick has written on the device casing.

“Bring on the heat!!”, this tech gimmick is written on the device cover.

Two gamers for warmer hands: Two Danish gamers are behind the Envavo Heatbuff. In the promotional video for (Warning: Hammer pun!) be called Project of the duo all kinds of press reviews are quoted – from the expert magazine The Verge to the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to the two founding buddies, Envavo Heatbuff uses infrared technology to warm your hands – but not your keyboard, mouse or other input devices.

Link to YouTube content

By the way: The warming hand charm might look familiar to readers of GameStar Tech. Not by chance! Just last week colleague Jan Stahnke reported on the Varme hand warmer; a very similar project.

Why do I want Envavo Heatbuff? Just like my colleague Jan Stahnke, I suffer from freezing fingertips during the cold months. Unless a device like Heatbuff is priced too astronomically, it could well end up in my shopping cart.


The last gadget is currently still in the head cinema phase, but it is so beautiful that we don’t want to withhold the precious item from you.

What looks so crisp has a name that sticks in your throat: OBJKT-2. The device presents itself as a classic retro games console in a mini format (and we are immediately reminded of the Sega Astro City Mini from above).

Welcome to the handheld world of tomorrow?  Perhaps?  OBJKT-2 (in quotes) is still just a fancy concept.  Where is the execution?

“Welcome to the handheld world of tomorrow?” Perhaps? OBJKT-2 (in quotes) is still just a fancy concept. Where is the execution?

If the OBJKT-2 really existed, it could play games up to the first Playstation. Could? Yes, so far the part is nothing more than a rendering by product designer Sushant Kumar.

The handheld gaming of the future – or can it go away? But what makes the aesthetician in me euphoric is the design of the GameBoy-like handheld, because: The controls (the D-Pad and the XYAB keys) can be removed – which makes the OBJKT-2 even smaller. The mini-console is still playable and usable. As the? Beneath the disassembled controls are more D-Pad and XYAB button implementations—just one step smaller.

This would probably be the first handheld that fits into skinny jeans. As I said: in theory. The miracle cube is still a castle in the air painting by designer Sushant Kumar. But one can still dream, right?

Why do I want OBJKT-2? Before I throw myself into any anticipatory optimism, I’ll wait and see if Kumar takes on an implementation of his handheld idea. So Mr Kumar: When will the OBJKT-2 leave the drawing board?

phew! What a ride through the fantastical world of whimsical gadgets, isn’t it? No? Do these nerdy to geeky toys leave you cold? Do you prefer to use your trusty Casio calculator to rock a spreadsheet? Feel free to discuss in our comments what makes the game more fun: unnatural numbers or the naturally flowing fist-flying of Virtua Fighter (with the Sega Astro City Mini)?

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