iPad Pro 2022 could be launched with M2 processor and MagSafe charging

Now that even the iPad Air has received the Apple M1 processor, the iPad Pro models no longer seem to be such a good “deal”. Apart from a camera with LiDAR, Face ID and 120 Hz screens with ProMotion, the company’s top tablets can do the same things as the cheaper Air model. However, it seems that Apple is preparing for the second half of the year a significant hardware upgrade, which will bring under the iPad Pro case the new M2 processor, which it will use on its entire range of computers.

The M2 processor could bring extra performance and reduced power consumption

According to the PowerOn newsletter written by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch a new iPad Pro in 2022. It will come about a year and a half after the launch of the iPad Pro series with M2 in the spring of 2021 and will offer some improvements , but not major.

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The biggest upgrade is the integration of the Apple Silicon M2 chipset. It will retain many of the advantages of the original, such as the octa-core processor, but will benefit from greater efficiency. This is because M2 will be built on 3nm architecture, compared to 5nm on the original M1. Thus, it will be able to consume less energy, but will also be able to integrate more transistors, thus increasing the processing power.

The new iPad Pro may come with other design changes. There have been rumors since last year about a Pro model with a glass back and wireless charging, and now these rumors are starting to take shape, as Gurman (who provided valid information about Apple products not released in the past) claims that it will also benefit from charging through MagSafe.

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iPad Pro 2022 could be the first generation with MagSafe magnetic charge

MagSafe is Apple’s magnet charging technology that allows you to quickly detach device cables. However, MagSafe does not automatically mean wireless charging. The technology debuted in 2006 on the first MacBooks, and was almost abandoned in 2016, when Apple switched to USB-C charging. Over the past two years, the company has released multiple versions of MagSafe for its devices: with wireless charging for the iPhone, with a charging cable that also transfers data to the iMac, and a return to a design similar to the past on the new MacBook Pro models.

However, wireless charging would make sense for the iPad, as tablets can already connect via Smart Connector to various accessories, such as Magic Keyboard or Smart Folio keyboards. Moving wireless charging through MagSafe would be the next logical step for this type of accessory.

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