iOS 16 will get a feature that will charge phones only with “clean power”

iOS 16 has brought many of the features we’ve been waiting for since WWDC, when Apple’s new operating system was unveiled, but some will take a while to be ready for use. According to Apple, a new “clean energy charging” mode will be coming to iPhones in the United States, which will allow the phone to charge only with power from renewable resources that don’t pollute the environment.

iOS 16 was released with many “missing” features, including one for charging with power from “clean” sources

For starters, the “Clean Energy Charging” feature will only be available in the US, as a specific “clean” charging schedule would have to be set for each country. Thus, those who have this feature turned on will be able to put their phone on charge overnight, and it will only charge during times when electricity from clean sources is predominantly used. This will lower the carbon footprint of Apple phones in the US, at least.

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Apple has not announced this feature in the past. Only recently, with the release of iOS 16, did it mention that this feature would not be available in the first version of the software. Another feature that will come later is the ability to share a photo collection with family members via Shared Photo Library, while new iPhone 14 models won’t get the satellite communication feature until later this year.

Other features missing from iOS 16 that will be added down the road are Live Activities, Game Center SharePlay, the Freeform app, or the ability to send virtual keys to friends or family members. Most likely, some of these will be integrated into iOS 16.1, which will be released alongside iPadOS 16.1 sometime in October.

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