iPhone 15 ready with a chipset that puts more emphasis on battery life

After years of banking on consolidating as big a performance advantage as possible over the Android camp, Apple looks set to ship the iPhone 15 with a 3nm A17 chipset optimized to consume 35% less battery compared to the current generation 5nm A16.

Apparently, Apple’s advantage on the performance side is so great over Android solutions (e.g. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2) that the iPhone developer has the “luxury” of prioritizing the efficiency advantages promised by TSMC’s recently announced 3nm manufacturing node. Thus, the chipset reserved for the iPhone 15 is expected to be heavily optimised for power reduction, with Apple taking advantage of its technological edge over the competition to make bold changes to the design side. Thus, in the most conservative scenario, the iPhone 15 could be slightly thinner and lighter than the iPhone 14, while delivering increased performance and much improved battery life.

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Another possibility is that the version of the chipset that has become the subject of rumors is the one reserved for the first foldable iPhone, ready with an unexpectedly slim design. What is certain is that the preparation of an ultra-efficient A17 chipset does not exclude the possibility of a performance-optimised version reserved for the top of the range iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

According to noted analyst Ross Young, Apple will bring the new Dynamic Island design to all versions of the iPhone 15, regardless of the asking price. However, that doesn’t mean that truly desirable features like Always-On display technology or ProMotion will be available on all models in the range. As for the finishing touches, glass and aluminium elements will not be missing, with the top end – stainless steel – reserved for the Pro Max or Ultra series. Titanium or glass models with “special” treatment could also be on offer,

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On the hardware side, all iPhone 15s will have at least 8GB of RAM, with more options in terms of internal storage capacity. Another new feature for iPhone fans could be the introduction of periscope technology, delivering new optical zoom options for the camera.

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