India successfully fires ballistic missile from a submarine

The Indian Armed Forces have successfully test-fired a ballistic missile from a nuclear-powered submarine, a milestone with which the Asian country wants to further improve its deterrence capabilities against hypothetical atomic attacks, according to the Ministry of Defense.

It is the first time that the government reports this type of test from the ‘INS Arihant’, a submarine in operation since 2018. The official note does not clarify the type of missile used, but sources quoted by ‘Times of India’ point out that it would be a ‘Sagarika’ missile, with a range of 750 kilometers.

India, considered one of the few nuclear powers in the world, has improved its weapons capability in recent years. The submarine missile program would be “key” to deterrence, according to the Indian Defense Ministry, which has insisted that the doctrine remains not to use nuclear weapons in the first place.

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