In the mother country of Samsung and LG all citizens will turn 1 year younger next summer

South Korea, the home country of big tech companies Samsung and LG, has a strange system for the West whereby people’s ages are set. There are actually three systems in the Asian state.

Recently, the National Assembly in Seoul decided to align with the international way of setting ages for South Korean citizens. The most popular system now used is the “Korean age”. Thus, at birth a child is already one year old. A child born on 31 December is considered 2 years old on 1 January.

Internationally you have 1 year after the end of one year from the date of birth, not before.

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The new laws will take effect in June 2023, NPR reports. At that time, all citizens will be a year or two younger than they are today.

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More than 80% of South Koreans supported the switch to the international age system, according to a survey conducted by the Seoul government. Who doesn’t want to be a year younger?

The country’s president, Yoon Suk Yeol, promised in his election campaign that he would take the step. According to him, using three different systems creates confusion and unnecessary administrative expenses.

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Another country where people are 1 year old when they are born is China.

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