IKEA announces VAPPEBY, an outdoor lamp with a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker and Spotify Tap

IKEA is not a company that can keep secrets well hidden when it comes to its tech products, so the new announcement for VAPPEBY, a combination of a portable speaker and an outdoor lamp, is not exactly a surprise. . I wrote about this product a few months ago, when it was found in photos and “unofficial” sketches, but now we have information about it directly from the source, as the company announced the product will soon go on sale in its stores.

The VAPPEBY speaker lamp is the first on the market with Spotify Tap functionality

VAPPEBY from IKEA is primarily an outdoor lamp. It is equipped with an LED bulb, which has two lighting modes. Because a simple mushroom lamp is not exactly an interesting product for technology fans, IKEA has integrated a Bluetooth speaker for music playback. What’s more, it uses 360-degree speakers so you can put the lamp anywhere and enjoy the sound without any problems.

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However, VAPPEBY also comes with a premiere, says IKEA. This is the first Bluetooth speaker on the market equipped with Spotify Tap, the technology that allows fast playback of music from the streaming application with the push of a button. Basically, you can by pressing the start button of the VAPPEBY speaker, you can also start the Spotify application on your smartphone and you can continue playing audio directly. Pressing the button again will start a special mix, based on the user’s preferences. Of course, you can play music from any other service on the IKEA speaker, but Spotify gets extra features.

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Because it is an indoor speaker, it is water and dust resistant to the IP65 standard, so it cannot be submerged in water, but it can withstand rain, water splashes, or accidentally spilled glasses. The battery life is up to 12 hours, and charging is via a USB-C jack. VAPPEBY is available in blue and gray and will be on the shelves of IKEA stores starting in April.

On the Romanian website, VAPPEBY has not been listed yet, but the company’s representatives announced that the price will be 299 lei.

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