I ordered from GameStop via Lieferando

Either GameStop made a mistake in the platform or became a restaurant. It has recently become possible to order consoles, games and accessories from GameStop via Lieferando. You can have these delivered to your home in 30 minutes via the delivery service.

I tried it for you and found: The idea is wanted, but not achieved.

GameStop has made less good headlines in recent years. The financial scandal from 2021 even made it to the cinema. My colleague Mathias has all the background information for you:

Stock market drama surrounding GameStop and Reddit becomes a Netflix film

Can Lieferando replace visits to the branch?

No. The selection is very modest and does not represent the goods available in the store. It feels like there are more categories than products.

There are 24 new games to choose from, about the same number needed – and not per console, but in total! Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch is still happy about most of the games. Although there are top titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and others for the Switch, if you have a PS5 you can choose between Paw Patrol World and EA Sports FC 24 choose.

Things are no different in the other categories. When it comes to comics and characters, there are no more than two or three items. It all has a bit of flea market charm, as if you were buying whatever was left.

Can I order popular consoles like a Playstation 5?

And. The consoles are similar to the games – there are a handful of new and used ones. A PS5 is also included and could be delivered immediately.

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There are even both PS5s: the disc version and the digital version.

There are even both PS5s: the disc version and the digital version.

What is the condition of the used items?

GameStop keeps the secret about the condition of the used goods to itself. If you want to buy a used item, you have the option Information to click, but is fobbed off with this meaningless information:

Of course, there would still be the option of calling the branch and asking, but ultimately we use Lieferando so that we don't have to make calls.

Of course, there would still be the option of calling the branch and asking, but ultimately we use Lieferando so that we don’t have to make calls.

First I ordered used “Super Mario Party” for the Nintendo Switch. Nothing can go wrong with a used game.

I was amazed at the price of around 45 euros. There are also delivery and service fees, which makes a total of 49 euros. For this price I can also go to the store and buy the game new.


Quite a bit is added to the item price.


There’s nothing! Either the shop is not updated or a customer in the store was interested in the game at the same time.

I completed my order, received the order confirmation and just had to wait for the supplier – and I could have waited a long time for him.

After about 5 minutes I received an email that the order was canceled: The item is not available.

So it’s a gamble whether you get the used goods or not. The only thing that is certain is that we don’t know what she looks like.

If the item is not ok, I just return it, right?

It’s not that easy to return something. Lieferando does not issue invoices, only receipts.

At the bottom of the receipt it says: This is not an invoice.

At the bottom of the receipt it says: This is not an invoice.

Anyone who needs an invoice, have to go to the restaurant or branch and ask for it. Here I see two very big weaknesses in the Lieferando-GameStop system:

  • Returning an item without a receipt is difficult, but not impossible. Finally, you still have your order confirmation that you can present.
  • If you want an invoice and therefore have to go to the store anyway, you can save yourself ordering via Lieferando.
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By the way, there is no money back in the store. GameStop write on your site:

You can exchange games that you bought in the store for other goods within 3 days of purchasing them from us. The prerequisite is that the product is in perfect condition.

Ordering via Lieferando is even more expensive than visiting the GameStop branch

The prices of the items are the same as in the online shop or in store. Nevertheless, ordering via Lieferando is more expensive because:

  • You have a minimum order value of 20 euros.
  • You pay one euro service fee.
  • You pay three euros delivery fee.

Second try

The service fee is intended to improve the service and offer.

Order confirmation

That went quickly! The courier took about 30 minutes.

As mentioned before, I first ordered Super Mario Party (used) for 45 euros. The new version only costs 5 euros more. With one visit to the store I could buy the new version for the same amount.

Editorial conclusion

Martin Moch

I ordered from the branch in Nuremberg, so I can’t say whether the selection depends on the location or whether there is a general selection for everyone. But no matter what the choice is, the only advantage I see is that you don’t have to leave the house.

This might be a good thing if there are friends there and the game is missing. Regardless, the magic of browsing is lost. You can’t even see which games are available to choose from.

The fees punish you for not going to your front door and make returns unnecessarily complicated.

If you live in Berlin, you can also have electronic gadgets delivered by courier. My colleague Patrick reports on a pilot project that makes this possible.

Do you prefer to go to the store or just order online? Do you like window shopping? Be your team Physically own the game or digital version is sufficient? What do you think about ordering from GameStop via Lieferando? Would you use a service like this? What was the last game or console you treated yourself to?

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