Hungary proposes independent body to monitor misuse of EU funds in Hungary

The Hungarian government has presented a second package of measures to prevent misuse of European funds that includes the creation of an independent authority aimed at “preventing, detecting and correcting illegalities and irregularities committed in the process of implementing EU aid.”

In addition, this authority will be obliged to report cases of fraud and corruption to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

Hungary has refused to become a member of the EPPO, which began operating in June 2021 in the 22 member countries that have decided to participate, thus authorizing the EU Public Prosecutor’s Office to initiate investigations on their territory.

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The Hungarian government is under pressure after the European Commission threatened to withhold €7.5 million that is part of its funding envelope. The Commission has widely criticized widespread corruption in Hungary and has given the country two months to remedy these abuses.

A first piece of proposed legislation to address the European Union’s corruption concerns was unveiled earlier this week.

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