Hugo Boss connects metaverse and online store for the MFW 2023

The fashion brand Hugo Boss responds on the occasion of the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. Its approach: a virtual showroom with a dose ofartificial intelligence and ofe-commerce.

The international fashion event is back in the metaverse. Decentraland hosts again, from 28 to 31 March, the Metaverse Fashion Week. Several major brands are present, including Hugo Boss.

The designer announces, humbly, a ‘daring’ step into the metaverse. More prosaically, the fashion company has designed a virtual showroompresented as a “digital extension” of his show and his physical presence.

A dose of AI quite mystical or artificial

A complementarity between physical and digital (of the phygital), despite intended differences in design – the aquatic theme for the event versus brutalist architectural elements on the digital.

boss hugo showroom metaverse

Credit : Hugo Boss

But the virtual, or metaversical, showroom is above all an opportunity for Boss to introduce gamification and features of online sales. The brand also claims to use artificial intelligence – another trendy topic. This application ofAI remains however nebulous.

In another move that demonstrates the brand’s goal of being on the cutting edge of digital, BOSS used Artificial Intelligence to translate the creative concept of the show into a Metaverse showroom,” the release said.

Metaverse, NFT and e-commerce connection

The e-commerce uses of the showroom are much more concrete in comparison. The virtual space is connected to the Boss online store. Five sets will be offered in the metaverse, all for sale via links to the site’s product pages.

The outfits featured include key pieces from the show, as well as other men’s and women’s styles, and celebrate Boss’ design codes,” the German company says.

In addition to the e-commerce dimension, it is developing interactivity. Boss has designed a visit path for visitors, which will naturally lead them to the products.

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They can also collect virtual objects. And to encourage participation, the company is promising everyone a digital fashion item, a product unveiled at the 2023 show.

One more sales channel for Boss

The collectible item can be used on the Ready Player Me avatar platform – which, for example, already works with a multinational company like L’Oreal. The virtual avatar service has 3,000 partners and customers, including RTFKT, Adidas and Dior.

To host its showroom, Boss is relying on Spatial, one of the co-hosts of Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. For the brand, this initiative in the metaverse is a new adventure on the Web3, after the NFT.

We will exploit the opportunities this opens up for our brand storytelling and consider it as an additional sales channel in our future omnichannel strategy,” says its CEO, Daniel Grieder.

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